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Wine is so wonderful! So many of our special occasions are shared with a glass or two of red, white, rose or sparkling wine,  held and nurtured in our hands.  Its magical contents joining with us in the fun, love, laughter and tears.

Everyday life would not be the same without a delicious glass of our favourite tipple to accompany lunch or supper, our favourite television programme, our best or newest book.  Those simple moments we share with our loved ones, friends and work colleagues.

Or just to sip peacefully by ourselves and quietly reflect on the meaning of life. So many different occasions, people and wines.

At Catchpole Cellars we value all those one-off occasions and everyday moments and the people we share them with. We believe we have those special wines to match every moment and person. Wines from some of the best small growers and producers – unique wines made with passion.

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