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In 2008 Oz Clarke awarded Marta’s Vinyard his personal Gold Star at the London Wine Show as best wine featured at that event.  At Catchpole Cellars, we too believe Marta’s wines are stunning and have been proudly offering them to our clients for the past five years and they still continue to be amongst the most popular wines we sell.

Marta’s Vinyard is located in the Maipu region of the province of Mendoza in Argentina, in the spectacular pollution free ecosystem of the South American Andes.  This region incorporates a multitude of micro climates, creating a perfect natural habitat for growing many grape varieties.  The estate is irrigated directly from mountain streams of melted glaciers and mountain snow or by underground mineral infused water tables.  This water is so pure it is bottled and served in Buenos Aires’ best restaurants.

Marta’s Vinyard is a great example of the kind of family producer that Catchpole Cellars likes to work with.  Named and led by Marta Lunardi, the estate is a family business with long established wineries.  As a family, they work together sharing a diverse knowledge and expertise to produce varietal wines of the very highest quality and consistency.

The family of farmers and winemakers form the expertise, passion and partnership of skills to produce some outstanding varietal wines.

They plant and grow the vines, hand pick the grapes and select the very best for their production.  Their expert wine makers produce the wine always under the watchful “nose” of Marta and then cellar and bottle the wine on the farm.  Only when the family feel the wine is sufficiently developed and balanced, is it released from the winery.

We currently stock three of Marta’s wines;

2015 Marta's Vinyard Torrontes Reserve - £18.90

The Torrontes grape variety is only grown in Argentina and this is a superb example. Very aromatic, reminiscent of a Viognier and packed full of fruit yet with a lovely dry finish. Great with Thai and Indian food  

2015 Marta’s Vinyard Malbec Reserve - £19.90

This 100% Malbec is a beautiful example of harmony between succulent ripe fruits and velvet smooth tannins.                                                                                       

2008 Marta’s Vinyard Signature Malbec - £27.90

Hand crafted wine from carefully selected grapes; this is a real labour of love from Marta.  Small quantities only and released at its peak of maturity.  Enjoy now with a rare ribeye steak.

2007 Marta’s Vinyard “Private Collection” Malbec - £32.50

This wine is oaked for 14 months in French oak barrels and was released at its peak and only in limited quantities.  Brilliantly deep dark violet colours, seductive aromas of rich ripe black fruit, sweet spices and tobacco with mulberry undertones.

Behind every Marta’s wine is a profound depth of participation by her in every aspect of its creation.  From the vine, the families, the land, the irrigation, the cultivation, the processing, the casking, the bottling, the corking, the labelling, the packing and the shipping.

Simply bringing us the highest quality wines from Argentina – the Magic that is Marta.


Published on 14th Nov 13


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