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N.V. Buller Victoria Tawny

Sweet fortified red
Oaking: Light
Not Set
Screw Cap
Barossa Valley, Australia
Detailed Product Information

Appellation: Barossa Valley
Vintage: N.V.

Sweet strawberry and cherry syrup flavours - rich and smooth on the palate with a pleasing dry finish.

Producer Information

Buller Wine Estate: In the early 1920`s Reg Buller purchased his first winery in Rutherglen and called it Calliope and by the end of the 1930`s it was begining to prosper. In 1951 leaving his son Richard to manage Calliope Reg bought a second vineyard and built a new winery at Beverford near swan Hill. Reg`s idea was to 'drought proof' his business by taking advantage of irrigation which was not available at Rutherglen. The climmate and soils of Beverford provide a favorable environment for growing wine grapes. Abundant sunshine and sufficient water ensure viable crops. Richard`s two sons, Richard and Andrew continue to run the wineries always wanting to develop and improve. A fourth generation are now involved with the business ensuring it remains a family wine business, rapidly becoming a rarity in Australia. Fortified wine is a traditional style, the origins of which can be traced back to the 17th century. The term 'fortifying' refers to the addition of adding grape spirit during the fermentation process. This has the effect of raising the level of alcohol while preserving a high level of sweetness - the hallmarks of a fortified wine. Grapes are picked late in the season ensuring high sugar levels. After fotification the alcohol level typically is 18% compared to table wines which are normally 14%. Once the wine is made, it is matured in oak barrels or vats before it is ready to be blended with other fortified wines from previous vintages to give the range, depth and balance of flavours required.

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